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How to order

Mail Order Prices - shipping/postage included:

  • The North East All Stars Save the City Hall
    UK: £6
    Overseas: £7
  • The Amazing Zigzag Concert - see ordering info
  • Aaron Bayley Limited Edition Mini-Album CD:
    UK: £7.99
    Overseas: £9 or US$15
  • Steve Gibbons Short Stories/Stained Glass
    UK: 18.99
    Overseas: $30

All other items:

  • Single CD
    UK: £13
    Overseas: £14 or $20
  • Double CD
    UK: £17
    Overseas: £18 or $30
  • Northstars book
    UK: £14
    Overseas: £15

Credit notes will be issued for overpayment.

Send Payment and Orders to:

Road Goes On Forever
RGF Records
3, Usworth Hall
NE37 3HJ
United Kingdom

Methods of Payment

Acceptable payment methods are as follows:


Cheque (UK £)
payable to "Road Goes On Forever Records". Bank charges for converting cheques in other currencies into sterling are so extortionate that it is simply not worth doing, unfortunately.

Cash (UK£ or US$)
Please note that dozens of US customers have used this method, and no complaints at all have been received. It is not difficult to wrap paper currency inside a letter so it cannot be recognised as cash.

If neither of the above methods are acceptable, there are several UK mail order companies from whom RGF Records are obtainable, although, of course, we are unable to fix their prices.

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