Steve Gibbons

Short Stories/Stained Glass (RGF/SGDCD048)

Album CoverThis double CD brings together two albums by STEVE GIBBONS which were initially released 25 years apart, but whose coupling seems highly likely to delight fans of the Godfather of BRUM BEAT.

Neither of these albums has been widely available before now; 'Short Stories' has never previously appeared on CD, and 'Stained Glass' has never been previously distributed at retail level. 'Short Stories' was briefly released in 1971 on the short-lived Wizard label. Since then, it has become one of the most collectable albums of the era. On the very rare occasions that a vinyl copy has appeared in auctions, it has fetched sums in excess of £50.

Among the musicians who appear on the album are guitarists Albert Lee (Emmylou Harris's Hot Band, Eric Clapton Band), Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), Hugh McCracken (Wings) and Ray Smith (Heads, Hands & Feet), bass players Trevor Burton (The Move), Pat Donaldson (Sandy Denny) and Greg Ridley (Humble Pie), keyboard men Gary Wright (Spooky Tooth) and Ian Whiteman, and drummers Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth, The Only Ones) and Alan White (Plastic Ono Band, Yes), with an all star supporting cast including Robert Kirby (brass arrangements), Madeline Bell, Doris Troy (backing vocals), Johnny Van Derek (violin), Claire Deniz (cello), etc. The album was produced by Jimmy Miller.

'Stained Glass' is the most recent album by STEVE GIBBONS, and was released on the small INCOG label in 1996. As well as nine GIBBONS originals, the album includes two songs written by Bob Dylan, and one each by Chuck Berry and Tom Waits. Remarkably, both 'Short Stories' and 'Stained Glass' have the same song ('The Last Farewell') as track three, despite the quarter of a century which separated the recording of the two albums. Both albums are expanded by bonus tracks.

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