Steve Gibbons Band

There & Now (Volume One) (RGF/SGDCD 074)

Steve Gibbons Band - There 7 Now (Volume One)There And Now (Volume One) is the first double CD retrospective of the career of the great Steve Gibbons - whose 70th birthday was in 2011 - featuring 42 tracks by several line-ups ofThe Steve Gibbons Band.

A second double CD, There And Now And Some Otherwheres (Volume Two), will be released early in 2012 and will include, as well as tracks by The Ugly’s (sic) and The Dylan Project, more SGB tracks and other unheard items from Steve’s continuing recording career of over half a century.

A number of newly recorded tracks by the current SGB, as well as previously unreleased material from several projects, make these two double CDs a fitting tribute to a the ultimate cult hero of British popular music of the rock era.

Disc One:

Any Road Up / Down the Road Apiece (Raye) / Looking Glass In The Rain / Bonnie / Alright Now / Right Side Of Heaven / Rollin’ On / Dick Leaps In / Please Don’t Say Goodbye / Watching The River Flow (Dylan) / Bad Day At The Office / Don’t Let ‘Em Get Ya / Light Up Your Face / Love Part 1 (Gibbons, Wright) / Tupelo Mississippi Flash (Jerry Reed Hubbard) / Billy Is A Rocker / Speed Kills / Slow Down (Why Don’t We) / Wonderful World / So Hard / Hot Club In Dreamland / Down In The Bunker

Disc Two:

Mr.Jones / She Comes In Colours (Arthur Taylor Lee) / Strange World / Big JC / Down In The City / The Chase / New York / Gold Coast / Home From Home / Mary Ain’t Going Home / The Chain / Standing On The Bridge / Let There Be Bop / Limbo No More / Chelita 3.18
16. Sweetheart Like You (Bob Dylan) / Manyana / It’ll Be Me (Jack H.Clement) / Chuck In My Car / You Can’t Catch Me (Chuck Berry)

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