A Kiss From God(RGF/RAYNECD 053)

RayneRoad Goes On Forever Records aims for stardom for its newest (and youngest) act, a quartet from Sunderland – RAYNE.

We heard about them from a carpet fitter named Chris Martin, who was working in our offices. He said we should check out this young band, who he (as a part-time musician himself) felt were most promising. He was particularly impressed by the lead guitarist, Adam Dagg, and suggested we go to a local hostelry where they were playing that night.

He was right. They could all clearly play their instruments, and had obviously spent time rehearsing their repertoire, which inevitably included a number of cover versions, but also featured several original compositions, with lyrics by lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ben Potts, and music by the group as a whole: Ben Potts, Adam Dagg, Paul ‘Shic’ Shickle (bass, vocals) and Steven ‘Nez’ Naisbet (drums, vocals).

Ben and Nez had been working together in RAYNE for six years (since they were 14 years old) with other members, but the current line-up had been stable for four years. With Adam’s uncle, Andy Findlay, assuming the role of manager and driver, and Adam’s mother, Joan Rayne (a coincidence, everyone claims) acting as agent and searching out gigs, RAYNE paid their dues around the Sunderland area, and in the last year, have been venturing further afield, playing in Newcastle and sometimes far-flung areas of Northumberland, as well as in Scotland. Their first ever gig in London is on 20th July, 2004, at London’s famous Ace Café.

This will also be the group’s first gig with an album under their collective belts. In the last year, RAYNE have developed from being one of innumerable young bands who played acceptable cover versions of material by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Jam, The Undertones, etc., to creating their own original repertoire, and their own place in the world of popular music. ‘A Kiss From God’ is an album which proves that there is room for great original music in a world over-run with rap, karaoke and other five minute wonders.

visit Rayne's official website: www.rayneonline.co.uk

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