Somewhere (RGF/NCD 059)

Nelson - SomewhereIt might be newsworthy to say that Nelson was discovered in Trafalgar Square, and he is certainly tall, but the truth is that it was a few miles further north where Lynda Hugen-Tobler saw him perform to a very appreciative audience in a North London club.

It might also be interesting if we said that Nelson was an illegitimate relative of Lord Horatio, but as far as we know, he isn’t…

What we can say about Nelson is that he is a singer/songwriter who has performed with great success in Corfu, Crete and The Canary Islands, as well as venues in the South of England, for the last 12 years. Among the artists he has supported are Jim Davidson, Joe Longthorne, The Stylistics and The Barron Knights. Much of this work has involved performing songs from the repertoire of others, including George Michael, but Nelson, who claims to possess a repertoire of over 500 songs, has also been writing original material for several years, often on the subject of romance, its trials and tribulations, its triumphs and its tragedies.

Many of these songs are written from first hand experience, and cover a gamut of familiar situations. RGF Records has teamed him with North East music maestro Steve Daggett (ex-Lindisfarne) for his first album. As well as producing, Daggett played all the instruments on the album.

Nelson is not related to Ricky, Willie, Tracy, Phyllis or any other namesake, useful though such a relationship might be.

1. Not Just Another Girl
2. Without His Woman
3. Somewhere
4. With Her Smile
5. He Still Came
6. Love Is The reason Y
7. In Their Eyes
8. Guilty
9. R We Still Lovers
10. Over A Beer

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