The Steve Gibbons Band

Chasing Tales (RGF/SGCD 067)

Steve Gibbons Band - Chasing TalesRoad Goes On Forever Records are proud to work with Steve Gibbons. 2008 is the eleventh anniversary of our relationship with Steve, and we are pleased to mark the anniversary with his first brand new album of the 21st Century. This is the twelfth album in a continuing series which now includes four double albums and four single albums.

The new album, Chasing Tales, includes a dozen songs written by Steve, only one of which, 'Where Was I Last Night?', has previously appeared on an album. This early version, which was a bonus demo track on the 'Stained Glass' album, did not feature a full SGB line-up.

The line-up of the current Steve Gibbons Band which appears on 'Chasing Tales' is:

Steve Gibbons (lead vocals, guitar)
Phil Bond (keyboards, backing vocals)
Howard Gregory (guitar, fiddle, backing vocals)
Johnny Caswell (bass, backing vocals)
Howard Smith (drums, backing vocals)

The album was produced by Steve Gibbons & Bob Lamb (an ex-SGB member during the 1970s) at Bob Lamb's Birmingham studio.

The album sleeve features original artwork by Steve Gibbons, who is truly a renaissance man' He joined his first group, The Dominettes, in 1958. They changed their name to The Uglys circa 1962, and in 1966, bass player Dave Pegg (today the longtime leader of Fairport Convention) joined The Uglys. Gibbons & Pegg are ever-present founder members of The Dylan Project in addition to their own bands.

Previous Steve Gibbons releases on Road Goes On Forever Records are:

'Any Road Up'/'Rollin' On' (RGF/SGDCD 035, double CD)
'Maintaining Radio Silence' (RGF/SGCD 043)
'Down In The Bunker' (RGF/SGCD 044)
'Short tories'/'Stained Glass' (RGF/SGDCD 048, double CD)
'Double Live' (RGF/SGDCD 050, double CD of 'Caught In The Act' and 'On The Loose')
'Ridin' Out The Dark - Live In Hamburg, 1990' (RGF/SGCD 062)
'The Dylan Project - The First Two Albums' (RGF/DPDCD 066. double CD of 'Steve Gibbons: The Dylan Project' and 'Live At Cropredy Festival 1999')

Track List:

1. Where Was I Last Night?
2. Hotclub In Dreamland
3. Jazz
4. Bad Day At The Office
5. The Chase
6. Velda
7. Stuck In A Groove
8. The King's New Clothes
9. Still In The Dark
10. Darwin And All That
11. Limbo No More
12. Wonderful Life.

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