Dave Burland

Rollin' (BURLCD01)

Dave Burland - Rollin'Dave Burland’s ‘His Master’s Choice’ (RGFCD 009), his album of songs written by Richard Thompson, has been continuously part of the RGF catalogue for 20 years, which makes it the oldest item among our galaxy of goodies. Dave has now asked whether we can please distribute one of his earlier albums, ‘Rollin’’, which we are delighted to do. It will be seen from the track list that Dave has impeccable taste in his selection of songs to cover – Randy Newman, Lowell George, James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie – but other songwriters, such as Paul Siebel and Dory Previn, are less predictable choices. 

  1. Mythical Kings And Iguanas (Dory Previn)
  2. Louise (Paul Siebel)
  3. Long Distance Love (Lowell George)
  4. Bartender Blues (James Taylor)
  5. Maggie (Traditional)
  6. Rollin’ (Randy Newman)
  7. Da Doo Ron Ron (Spector, Greenwich, Barry)
  8. The True Story Of Amelia Earhart (Iain Matthews)
  9. I Don’t Like Mondays (Bob Geldof)
  10. The Water Is Wide (Trad. Arr. S. Womack)
  11. The Angels Have Taken My Racehorse Away (Richard Thompson)
  12. Last Train To Glory (Arlo Guthrie)
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