Angels of the North

Tyneside Talent 2002 (RGF/WOWCD049)

Album CoverThis collection came about as the direct result of a show at Newcastle's Live Theatre, where Pete Dodds was launching his excellent 'Banks of the Tyne' album earlier this year.

The acts which paticipated in this magical evening were (alphabetically) The Caffrey Brothers, Steve Daggett, Pete Dodds, The Happy Cats and Prelude, all of whom doubtless knew everyone else on the bill. The extraordinary sight of all these seasoned musicians working together without a trace of ego left a strong impression on us. We talked about it, and thought an album featuring all five acts would be an interesting idea, so we mentioned it to Pete Dodds, who might be called The Godfather of North-East Troubadours. Pete was enthusiastic, and contacted anyone we didn't know too well, and we were off.

On 3rd February, 2002, we attended 'Sunday for Sammy', a star-studded show at Newcastle City Hall raising money to support creative talent on Tyneside, where we saw Tony McNally play. He brought a couple of his tracks round, and asked if he too could be involved, and we agreed on a 'Why not?' basis.

We thought a good place to launch the album would be the WOW festival, and RGF records was given the chance to programme one of the stages for most of the first day, and all six acts are performing, along with two other RGF acts, Blues'N'Trouble and the Bicycle Thieves. We think this album's pretty neat. It features local talent which we think deserves to be heard nationally, if not internationally, so we're doing something about it.

John & Lynda Tobler
May, 2002

Pete Dodds listen
Banks of the Tyne
The Happy Cats  
Walk Away Renee
The Caffrey Brothers  
Life Goes On
Tony McNally listen
Angel of the North
Steve Daggett listen
Mandolin Moon
The Rhythm of Guitars
The Caffrey Brothers listen
Write Me a Postcard
Pete Dodds and the Lime Street Band  
West Wind
The Happy Cats listen
Je Suis Desole
After the Goldrush
Tony McNally  
Feel Like I'm Runnin'
Steve Daggett and The Electric Band  
Over a Beer
Pete Dodds and the Lime Street Band  
The Bitch
The Caffrey Brothers  
Hold on to our Dreams
Prelude listen
Lord I Hope This Day is Good
The Happy Cats  
Driftin' Through
Steve Daggett and The Electric Band  
The Night I Discovered the Blues
Tony McNally  
A Hundred Things
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