Patty Vetta & Alan Franks

Ladders Of Daylight (RGF/VFCD 038)

Album CoverRoad Goes On Forever Records thanks all those who were supportive of Will' (RGFCD 023), the debut album by PATTY VETTA & ALAN FRANKS, thus confirming the label's belief that it is by no means impossible to launch an unknown act AND remain in business.

Now RGF proudly presents 'Ladders Of Daylight' (RGF/VFCD 038), which will certainly delight established admirers, and (if given a fair hearing by press and radio) should attract a small army of newcomers to the rare delicacy of PATTY's world-class voice exploring a fresh treasure trove of songs by ALAN. A number of notable guests appear on 'Ladders Of Daylight', but before we introduce them, please inspect the album's remarkable front cover illustration by the extraordinary JOHN HOLDER, whose work has for many years graced the posters and programmes of the Cambridge Folk Festival. When he saw and heard this uniquely enjoyable act, JOHN volunteered to originate one of his creations for this second album, for which we thank him (and would like a pint of what he's drinking).

PATTY & ALAN have played in front of a variety of audiences since 'Will' emerged in 1995: several folk clubs (mainly in and around London), such festivals as Aldeburgh, Haddenham, Saffron Walden and Salisbury, and a number of support slots for RALPH McTELL, who has been gracious in his praise and generosity. Because the third founder member of the VETTA/FRANKS team, the exotic Charlotte Moore, was unavailable for many of the RALPH shows, singer/guitarist REG MEUROSS volunteered to be Charlotte, and while undeniably short in the exotic stakes, not only replicated her vocal harmonies but also added instrumental weight to the expert bass work of TONY HARRIS, who has so lovingly engineered both 'Will' and 'Ladders Of Daylight'.

REG bonded so well with PATTY & ALAN that he was invited to appear on 'Ladders', and even sings lead on 'The End Of The Line', a song which some may equate in terms of its subject matter with ‘Meet On The Ledge’, the famous epic which is regarded as FAIRPORT CONVENTION's signature tune. Which brings us to another guest, CHRIS LESLIE, the newest member of the FAIRPORT family, who chose to record 'Wishfulness Waltz', one of the great ALAN FRANKS songs on 'Will', as one of his lead vocal contributions to the excellent 1997 FAIRPORT album, 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes'. Everyone was ecstatic when CHRIS agreed to apply his inspired violin playing to five of the songs on 'Ladders Of Daylight', and in particular the breathtaking title track.

Among the other guests who contributed to the album are JULIAN DAWSON, who happened to come along with REG, and added trademark harmonica to 'Getting Restless', and PATTY's longtime chum, PETE SAYERS, who appears on autoharp and dobro. What makes 'Ladders Of Daylight' an even more unlikely feat is that it has been created while ALAN has continued his "day job" as a feature writer for 'The Times', and while PATTY has become a successful goat breeder, as well as working as a noted session vocalist both live and in the studio. PATTY also produced 'Ladders Of Daylight', which was recorded at Caprasound Studios, Great Chishill, Herts.

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