Carolyn Hester

From These Hills (RGFCD033)

Album CoverRoad Goes On Forever Records proudly announces the release of the first new album in ten years by the legendary CAROLYN HESTER, ‘From These Hills’ (RGFCD 033). Recorded in 1996, ‘From These Hills’ features CAROLYN fronting a band of members of her family: DAVID BLUME, her husband, playing all manner of keyboards, also produced the 15 track album, with their daughters, KARLA BLUME (guitar, vocals) and AMY BLUME (bass, backing vocals) also performing.

Among the tracks on this 55 minute plus album are a superb version of SYDNEY CARTER’s celebrated anti-war song, ‘The Crow On The Cradle’, 1996 versions of two staples of her live set in ‘Lonesome Tears’ (written by BUDDY HOLLY, a friend of CAROLYN’s from Texas) and ‘Pack Up Your Sorrows’ (written by CAROLYN’s first husband, RICHARD FARINA), ‘The Names Of Trees’, a new song written by TOM PAXTON, of which this is the first released recording, and several new songs written by CAROLYN, including ‘Nanci’s Song’. which was written about NANCI GRIFFITH, who has acknowledged CAROLYN as one of her early role models.

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