Wes McGhee

Backbeat (RGFCD022)

Album CoverWes McGhee has been making world-class albums sporadically for around 20 years, yet he has never been accorded the acclaim he so richly deserves as a truly great songwriter and a dynamic performer. Road Goes On Forever Records intends to persevere with its belief that sooner or later, his extraordinary talent will be recognised by more than the several hundred fans around the world who already adore his recordings.

'Backbeat' is a collection of his work from early (long deleted) albums like 'Long Nights & Banjo Music' (1978), 'Airmail' (1980) and 'Landing Lights' (1984), various unreleased cover versions (such as Troy Shondell's 'This Time', Chuck Willis's 'Hang Up My Rock'n'Roll Shoes', etc.), some weird Eastern stuff that was the soundtrack to a Channel 4 TV documentary, and a handful of new things. The vast majority of the 21 tracks have never appeared on CD before, and the couple that were briefly out are impossibly difficult to find.

Road Goes On Forever Records is possibly the most patient label in Britain, if not the world. Already released are 'Border Guitars' (RGFCD 018), McGhee’s most recent album from 1994, and 'Heartache Avenue', (RGFCD 017) a compilation of many of his most popular songs from 1977 - 1993. It seems inconceivable that an artist with such a fanatically devoted, if small, following, should remain a secret for so long, but we console ourselves with the heartfelt belief that if we truly believe that Wes McGhee is an exceptional talent who will receive his just deserts, one day it will happen. We just don't know when...

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