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Blues Graffiti/Live And/Or Rare - The Hat Trick Era (RGF/BNTDCD011) (2CD)

Album CoverFollowing the successful debut release on Road Goes On Forever by ace Scottish blues/R&B combo BLUES 'N' TROUBLE of two reissued albums ('First Trouble'/'No Minor Keys' - RGF/BNTDCD 010), both parties (band and label) were not averse to a second slice of the cake, this time with a brand new album, 'Blues Graffiti' (the band's first new recording for six years !), and a compilation of live and/or rare tracks from 1987, when they featured in the independent chart with their third album, 'Hat Trick', produced by the legendary Mike Vernon, and released on his equally legendary Blue Horizon label - 'Hat Trick' was, in fact, the first album released on Blue Horizon when Vernon re-launched the label in the second half of the 1980s.

'Blues Graffiti' includes 13 tracks lasting just under 50 minutes in total, and the band's line-up for this first recording in a long time was founder member Tim Elliott (vocals, harmonica), Mike Park (guitar, vocals), Alan 'Scotty' Scott (electric and upright bass) and Lox Lovell (drums). Longtime fans of B'N'T may wonder where Elliott's fellow founder member, John Bruce, was, and it's a fair question - for various reasons, John felt unable to commit himself to B 'N' T, but the good news is that he now finds that he can rejoin the band and work with Mike Park in a potentially extraordinary two guitar line-up.

It was John who supervised the second CD, the 16 track 'Live And/Or Rare - The Hat Trick Era', which contains a number of studio tracks recorded for 'Hat Trick' and produced by Mike Vernon (which he has given B 'N' T permission to use on this album) and a number of live versions of the tracks on 'Hat Trick'. The second album of this double CD therefore features what is arguably the classic B 'N' T line-up of Tim Elliott, John Bruce (lead guitar), 'Tele' Dave Neill (rhythm guitar, vocals), 'Scotty' Scott and Sean Scott (drums). Among the guest musicians featured here are Geraint Watkins (of Dave Edmunds fame), Ian Gibbons (ex-The Kinks), and the Southend rhythm section of Dave Bronze on bass and The Big Figure (drums).

Blues 'N' Trouble, despite reverting to semi-professional status (they all have other jobs, which is eminently sensible in the year 2000), remain one of the UK's most exciting and durable Blues/R&B bands, and are in constant demand as a live attraction all over Europe. This mid- priced double CD confirms that this band is very much alive, and still ready to rock !

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