Blues 'N' Trouble

Blues 'N' Trouble (First Trouble) / No Minor Keys (RGFCD033)

Album CoverRoad Goes On Forever Records, whose proprietor loathes world music yet has released albums by Americans, Native Americans, an Irishman and a Welsh-born Australian blues guitarist, has now ventured into Scotland to reissue the first two acclaimed albums by Edinburgh-based blues/R&B;combo Blues 'n' Trouble. These albums, 'First Trouble' and 'No Minor Keys', both of which now boast four previously unreleased bonus tracks, were respectively released in 1985 and 1986 by independent label Ammunition Communications - 'No Minor Keys' reached the Top 20 of the Indie Album chart.

'No Minor Keys' also features two celebrated guests in guitar star ROBERT CRAY, with whom B'n'T had toured, and pianist IAN 'STU' STEWART, who was widely known as "the sixth Rolling Stone", and who saw B'n'T play at Putney's famous Half Moon hostelry. When he told them how much he had enjoyed their playing, he was invited to play on 'No Minor Keys', whose title was Stu's jocular stipulation before he agreed to appear on that second album.

However, the core of BLUES 'n' TROUBLE is the harp and trilby of vocalist and front man Tim Elliott and lead guitarist John Bruce, who were joined by drummer Sean Scott and a number of other musicians for 'First Trouble', but who recruited singer/guitarist 'Tele' Dave Neill and bass player Alan 'Scotty' Scott for 'No Minor Keys'.

Track Lists:
First Trouble No Minor Keys
1. Born In Chicago (Gravenites) 1. Fine Fine Fine (Semien, Soileau)
2. Natural Born Lover (Elliott, Bruce) 2. All My Love In Vain (Miller)
3. C.T. (Blues'n'Trouble) 3. Clock On The Wall (Elliott, Blues'n'Trouble)
4. Honey Pot (Elliott, Blues'n'Trouble) 4. Downtown Saturday Night (Elliott, Bruce)
5. Blues 'n' Trouble (Elliott, Bruce) 5. Tight 'n' Juicy (Elliott, Blues'n'Trouble)
6. Sloppy Drunk (Williamson) 6. Free To Ride (Neill, Bruce)
7. Tearstains On My Pillow (Elliott, Bruce) 7. You Can Run (Elliott, Blues'n'Trouble)
8. Mystery Train (Parker) 8. Madison Blues (James)
9. Wake Up Mama (Alternate Version)* (Blues'n'Trouble) 9. Double Trouble (Alternate Version) * (Rush)
10.Deep Blue Feeling (Elliott, Bruce) 10.Beautiful City (Trad. Arr. Elliott)
11.Spank The Plank (Bruce)
Bonus Tracks:
12.Texas * (Elliott, Bruce) 11.Let It Rock * (Berry)
13.What's The Matter * (Elliott, Bruce) 12.Slow Down * (Williams)
14.Red Hot * (Turner) 13.Cadillac * (McDaniel)
15.Wake Up Mama (Original LP Version) (Blues'n'Trouble) 14.Double Trouble (Original LP Version) (Rush)
Produced by: Tracks 1-8, 10, 11, 15
Neil Brockbank
Tracks 9, 11-13
Produced by: Tracks 1-8, 10, 14
Chris Grey, Andy McQueen, Blues'n'Trouble
Tracks 9, 12-14
Blues'n'Trouble * Bonus/alternate tracks recorded 1984-1986
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